Episode 6 – The Beast from the East (Part II)



Let’s not save the best till last. Let’s shove the fox to the top and celebrate weeks and countless hours of waiting and trekking and hoping to catch a sight of this beautiful animal.

It was a Saturday morning, coming up 10am, and Britain was still in the icy clutch of The Beast. My cold was still very much a sap on my energy but not on my resolve.

This was one of those moments that make it all worth while. Patience, perseverance, and a sprinkle of luck. As I trudged down towards where I had spotted it in January (January Post) I saw what I thought was a dog, 40ft or 50ft away. (My eyesight isn’t great!) I had my 55-300mm on and my camera in hand, and when I lifted the viewfinder to my eyes, I thought, “OH MY GOD, IT’S THE FOX!”

It spotted me as I fired off a few shots and for a smidgeon of time, I was face to face with The Fox.

It was a magical moment and one that will always remain special.

F8 – ISO 450 – 1/500

Once the fox had scarpered, I made my way along the line of trees and bushes where it had disappeared and attempted to penetrate the undergrowth. It was unforgiving, but I managed to make my way beyond the initial barrier and discovered several holes in the ground within a small clearing.


The pawprints were very fresh. Had I stumbled upon a fox hole? I planned on re-visiting the spot later in the year, and I did, with no results. In fact, come spring I discovered a fox corpse within 5 minutes of this spot 😦 One must assume it was the same, for I haven’t seen another fox in this location since The Beast.

F5.6 – ISO 720 – 1/500

I mostly used my old Manfrotto monopod for some extra stability for walking in the snow, since I didn’t have any heavy lenses that required it. A robin paid me a visit and appeared jovial whilst also being happy to pose for me.

F5.6 – ISO 1000 – 1/500
F5.6 – ISO 1100 – 1/500

Closer to home, as I made my way back to warmth and civilization, I spied more robins along the treeline of the farmer’s fields and they too were eager to participate in a quick photo shoot.

F7.1 – ISO 3200 – 1/500
F6.3 – ISO 1000 – 1/500
F5.6 – ISO 2200 – 1/500

Farewell snow, my fox and my little red-breasted models.



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