Episode 5 – The Beast from the East (Part I)

F4.5 – ISO 100 – 1/60

Late February into March saw Britain shrouded by a cold spell known as The Beast from the East. Regardless of the weather conditions, and the fact that I was ill with a cold, it did not stop me from volunteering or taking the opportunity to grab a snap or two. I was really excited when I saw it begin to snow. I gathered up my gear and dashed out, but the light was already fading. I set up my tripod and captured a few shots using my wide angle lens during this beautiful sunset.

purwell nature reserve

F3.5 – ISO 160 – 1/160

On March 1st I ventured out, still ill, since it was a regular volunteer Thursday. I was wrapped up very well on my walk along the fields and was glad of the photo opportunities along the way. There wasn’t much work to be done. The few people who turned up drank tea and coffee in the office.

F3.5 – ISO 6400 – 1/3200

I noticed a robin sitting on the outside table and he didn’t seem to be troubled or startled by presence, so I attached my 60mm and got in closer. He also let me feed him by hand while I took a few shots. I don’t have the steadiest of hands so snapping this photo holding the camera in one hand was quite tricky. Fortunately I captured this one that wasn’t too blurry though looking back at the info I don’t know why the shutter speed was 3200/s!

F3.5 – ISO 2500 – 1/160

Later on, he paid us a visit inside. Poor fella just wanted out of the cold.

F3.5 – ISO 900 – 1/160

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