Episode 7 – The stake-out

F5.6 – ISO 280 – 1/1250

I have a spot where I’ve seen buzzards circling, and as it turns out, they nest close by every year.

I’d tried taking shots of them in the air but they end up horrible; very soft, not much detail, which is probably expected with only a 300m zoom lens and the height they flew at (Hundreds of feet..)

It was a lovely day on Wednesday and I decided to go out and perhaps catch a glimpse of one of them flying close to where they nest. The trees themselves are quite tall, but at least they aren’t half a mile in the sky!

So I sat, and waited. And waited….and waited…….and one hour turned into three, and four. And then I heard that piercing shriek from beyond the treeline. The buzzard swooped in for a split second, then off, and I managed to squeeze off half a dozen shots.

Now while I understand it isn’t sharp and a better wildlife lens would serve me more keenly, compared to my older shots, this was actually pretty good!

It was after this effort that I resigned myself to the fact that I needed more reach.

F5.6 – ISO 220 – 1/1250

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