Hi there,

I’m a photographer with a keen interest in wildlife and nature, though a lot of 2019 has been spent photographing events and festivals.

I am autistic (Asperger’s Syndrome/ASD), so being out in nature is a great escape and I find photography to be very therapeutic.

I don’t drive (only transport is my bicycle) so my access to new and interesting places is limited. I shoot primarily in and around Hitchin, in Hertfordshire. I have, however, come to appreciate the wildlife and countryside on my doorstep and feel that around every corner is a possible new discovery. That little copse or row of trees could be home to all sorts of wildlife and it’s all just as important and beautiful as lions, tigers and bears. (oh my!)

A lot of my initial photography was taken at and around or close to Growing People, which is a mental health charity where I volunteer. I hope this will illustrate just how much wildlife there can be discovered in an area if time and patience are employed.

I don’t lure creatures or bait birds to attempt to get better shots – everything is shot out in nature as it should be. A lot of time is spent crouched, kneeling, sat behind bushes, missing shots, cursing because a fantastic shot passed me by because I couldn’t get focus lock on something fast enough, or that swaying branch or leaf obscured a lovely pose …but such is wildlife photography.