Episode 3 – The Seven Samurai


For any movie fans out there, guess which robin is which character from the movie! 🙂

Winter was bleak and not the ideal conditions for learning how to photograph. Once summer arrives, I’ll learn to love the sun and the light, but for now, it’s time for higher ISOs. Mind you, since December I had discovered quite a few things about my camera – that it wasn’t that great and I needed to upgrade, which I did. Robins were my staple bird and appeared to be quite willing models.  I’d even managed to get fairly close with my old 60mm macro lens, which gave more detailed shots compared to using the 55-300.

Seven of my better shots make it to this page. I have become quite fond of robins since I started snapping them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In February, a sparrowhawk graced the back garden and posed long enough over its prey for me to rush upstairs and take a shot from the bedroom window.

F11 – ISO 5600 – 1/160





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