Episode 17 – Dances with Woodpeckers

After spotting a couple of green woodpeckers on a bike ride home, I vowed to return and stake out the area over the weekend. It didn’t take me long to spot two of them on a telegraph pole from long distance.


There was some excellent foliage in the way that allowed me to creep a little closer. Unfortunately, there was a fence that blocked my progress so I was unable to get as close as I’d have liked. This also affected my positioning and due to the location the sun was on the wrong side so I had to recover the detail in the shadows on these lovely birds.

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I was very fortunate to have captured this feeding moment between the mother (right) and her son. I’d brought my camouflage netting with me and set it up against the fence where the break in the cover exposed me, allowing me to shoot this fabulous moment.


It turns out that there’s a whole family in this area. I was able to capture one tree with 3 juveniles on it. Two boys and one girl, making the total count to five. (including both parents)

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I also spotted some other wildlife in the area, including what appears to be a juvenile Blackcap, and a Yellowhammer. Next summer I plan on returning and hopefully catch some better light on the family.



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